In this page, we explore the various features available on pullup.


General questions

  • Can I depart and arrive at the same time?

No. That just doesn't make sense...

  • Can you post a parking spot as a passenger?

Yes, but ensure your have the right car in your settings!

  • Can I contact the arriving party/departing party?

No, not yet at least.

  • Is any form of negotiation possible?

Nope - hassle, haggle & nightmare-free.

Searching for a spot

  • How do I find an available parking spot?

Use the search bar to type in a location or scroll around. We will automatically show you all the spots available in that area (based on how long you'll take to get here).

Found a spot? Tap the price - confirm - and pullup to your spot!

  • Does pullup show me all the available parking spots in the area?

Yes! We'll show you all the spots available in the time it will take you to arrive.

  • Can I cancel?

Yes, you have TWO minutes to cancel before being charged a cancellation fee (up to 50% of transaction).

Listing a spot

  • How do I list my parking spot?

Tap “Departing” on the main map screen, drag the locator pin your car's exact location, enter how long you are willing to wait (in minutes) ffor how much price.

Now just sit back and wait till your pullup arrives - they may beat a couple of lights and get there quicker! So be ready!

  • What are the maximum time and price I can for a spot?

99 minutes | $99

  • What is the minimum time and price for a spot?

1 minute | $1. Longer times - better chance of finding someone. And just take a look around, if the cheapest spot is $8, just post for $6. You're welcome! :)

  • Can I see where my pullup is?

We'll show you as they drive toward you.

  • Can I edit my spot/ price/ time details once I confirm?

No, that just doesn't make sense... If you gotta go - cancel.

  • Can I cancel my spot listing?

Yes, you have two minutes to cancel your post without penalty. After TWO minutes, you will be charged 50% of the listing price.

Making the exchange

  • How do i know if my pullup has arrived, or it is someone else?

We will show you the other car's information. Let others know you aren't leaving just as yet :) Maybe even tell 'em to download pullup!

  • What happens if the departing party does not show up to the exchange?

If you have any issues - just let us know at

  • Can I reject an exchange offer?

Not really, after you accept - just wait and the pullup will arrive. You could cancel your departure within TWO minutes to avoid a cancellation fee, and not make EASY money...

  • How do I confirm a transaction happened?

After the exchange is made, tap “Complete” in the app. Done!