In this page, we explore the various features available on pullup.


General questions

  • Can I depart and arrive at the same time?

No. Once you initiate a rendezvous, the app will lock until the rendezvous has been marked complete.

  • Can you post a parking spot as a passenger?

Yes, but you must change the vehicle to match the vehicle in the parking spot and the passenger’s account will be credited when the transaction is complete.

  • Can I contact the arriving party/departing party?

No, as of now we do not offer this feature.

  • Is any form of negotiation possible?

No, all listed times and prices set by the departing party are final.


Searching for a spot

  • How do I find an available parking spot?

In the home screen search bar, type in the location of where you want to find parking spots (You can also drag the map around to find the location that best suits you). 
The map will only show you departing parties with a wait time greater than or equal to the time it will take you to arrive to the parking spot. 

Once you find your preferred spot, tap on the red annotation to view all the departing party's details. If you wish to rendezvous with that particular departing party tap,  “Select”. You will get a confirmation message, if you still want to move forward with the transaction, tap “OK” and proceed to your selected spot.

  • Does pullup show me all the available parking spots in the area?

No, pullup compensates users for their time. You will only see the departing parties with a wait time greater than or equal to the time it will take you to arrive to the parking spot.

  • Can I cancel an arrival?

Yes, you have TWO minutes to cancel your arrival before being charged a cancellation fee.


Listing a spot

  • How do I list my parking spot?

Just tap on the “Departing” button on the home screen. If you are not at your parking spot’s location, just drag the locator pin to the exact location. You must enter how long  you are willing to wait (in minutes) for an arriving party and the price you’d like to be compensated for waiting. 

Remember that the time you post is the maximum time you are willing to wait before leaving the parking spot. If a user arrives before your maximum time, you must give
them your parking spot to complete the transaction.

  • What are the maximum time and maximum price I can set for departing?

It is up to the departing party to decide how long they’d like to wait and the quantity they’d like to be compensated for. pullup does not set maximum restrictions.

  • What are the minimum time and minimum price for departing?

The minimum time is 1 minute and the minimum price is $1. You cannot select lower amounts.

  • Can I see where the arriving party is while I wait?

Yes, the arriving party's location is refreshed every few seconds on your map while you wait.

  • Can I edit my departing details once I confirm?

No, we do not offer an editing feature once you confirm a departure. You will need to cancel your departure and post a new one before another user selects your parking spot.

  • Can I cancel my parking spot listing?

Yes, you have two minutes to cancel your post without penalty. After TWO minutes, you will be charged 50% of the listing price.


Making the exchange

  • What do I do if another person, that is not my arriving party, wants my parking space?

Handling non-app users is a sensitive matter. We recommend you let the non-app user know you are saving the parking spot for someone else in a friendly manner.

  • What happens if the departing party does not show up to the exchange?

If the arriving party does not show up to the exchange you will still receive compensation for the time you waited. You will receive 50% of the listing price.

  • Can I accept and/or reject an exchange offer?

No, you cannot accept or reject an exchange offer. Instead, you can cancel your departure within TWO minutes to avoid a cancellation fee.

  • How do I confirm a transaction happened?

Once a parking spot exchange is made, tap “Complete” in the app. As a departing party, your account will be credited. As an arriving party, you'll be rewarded with a sweet parking spot.