pullup Deactivation Policy


U.S. Terms of Use
Effective: April, 2017


1. Quality

Drivers who use the app expected to drive safely, as well as be courteous and professional. The higher the quality of the service, the more opportunities for drivers to earn money. Poor service has the opposite effect over time.

There are several indications of driver quality, with the most important being Star Ratings and Cancellation Rate:


Star Ratings

After every trip, drivers rate each other on a five-star scale and give feedback on how the session went. This two-way system holds everyone accountable for their own behaviour. Accountability helps create a respectful, safe environment for drivers.

How is my rating as a driver calculated? Your rating is based on an average of the number of post-trip stars given to you (from 1 to 5 stars) from the total number of rated sessions.

The easiest way to keep your average rating high is to provide good service on every trip. Most drivers on the platform provide excellent service, so most trips run smoothly. But we know that sometimes a trip doesn’t go well — that’s why we only look at your average rating over your trips. This gives you the chance to improve your rating over time.

What leads to deactivation? To maintain a high quality experience, there is a minimum average rating. We will alert you if your rating is approaching this limit.

If your average rating is below the minimum after multiple notifications, your account will be deactivated. If your account is reactivated, you will need to maintain the minimum average rating or your partner account may again be deactivated.


Cancellation Rate

A driver cancellation is when a driver accepts a request and then cancels the request. Cancellations create a poor experience. They also negatively affect other drivers who missed out on the chance to accept that request. We understand that there may be times when something comes up that causes a driver to cancel an accepted session, but minimising cancellations is critical for the reliability of the system.

How is my cancellation rate calculated? Your cancellation rate is based on the number of sessions you cancelled out of the total number of sessions you accepted. For example, if you’ve accepted 100 trips and 4 of them were cancelled by you, your cancellation rate would be 4%.

High-quality drivers typically have a low cancellation rate less than 5%. If a cancellation is deemed to be used to break the system, a fee may and most likely will occur.

What leads to deactivation? Each city has a maximum cancellation rate. You may receive notifications if your cancellation rate is higher than the city maximum, after which you may not be able to go online with the app for a short period of time. If your cancellation rate continues to exceed the maximum limit, your account may be deactivated after multiple notifications.


On Acceptance Rates: High acceptance rates are a critical part of reliable, high-quality service, but not accepting trip requests does not lead to deactivation.


Consistently accepting requests helps maximise earnings for drivers and keeps the system running smoothly. We know that sometimes things come up that prevent you from accepting every request, but not accepting requests causes delays and degrades the reliability of the system.

If you are not consistently accepting requests while you are logged in to the app, you may be logged out for a limited period of time. This helps ensure that drivers who are online are ready to accept trips.


2. Fraud

Fraudulent activity undermines the trust upon which pullup is built. We monitor our systems to detect drivers who may be acting fraudulently or attempting to game our systems.

What leads to deactivation? We may deactivate as well as charge a fee for any account(s) associated with fraudulent activity; for example, accepting requests without the intention to complete, including provoking riders to cancel; creating driver accounts with fake details or for fraudulent purposes; claiming fees or charges on a false or fraudulent basis; and intentionally accepting or completing fraudulent or falsified sessions.


3. Safety

We take safety-related allegations seriously and follow up on all of them using a process aimed at ensuring fairness and that gives drivers an opportunity to share their side of the story.

Our investigation of these safety-related allegations may lead to account deactivation. Because safety is our key priority, we may in some cases temporarily suspend a driver’s access to the app when we are investigating a complaint.


pullup’s Community Guidelines

All users of the pullup platform agree to abide by our Community Guidelines while using the app. These Guidelines create a shared standard of respect, accountability and common courtesy for every vehicle.

What leads to deactivation? pullup may deactivate any driver who does not follow the Community Guidelines, by engaging in, for example: violent or inappropriate behavior; inappropriate or abusive language; soliciting or engaging in sexual conduct or making sexual gestures; any criminal or illegal activity; and having illegal substances in the vehicle.


Zero Tolerance for Drugs & Alcohol

pullup does not tolerate the use of drugs or alcohol by drivers while using the platform.

What leads to deactivation? Anyone that drives on the platform having used drugs or alcohol will have their account deactivated. pullup may also deactivate the account of a driver who receives several unconfirmed complaints of drug or alcohol use.


Compliance with Road Rules

Drivers using the pullup app must comply with all applicable rules of the road at all times.

What leads to deactivation? pullup may deactivate a driver’s account for activities such as: not maintaining valid vehicle registration or driver’s licence; and serious traffic infringements or several traffic infringements that indicate unsafe driving.


Safe Driving

pullup expects drivers using the app to drive safely at all times.

What leads to deactivation? pullup may deactivate the account of a driver who receives multiple complaints or a single serious complaint of poor, unsafe or distracted driving while using the app. For example: driving at an unsafe speed; using a mobile phone without a mount; and failure to stop when required.


Accurate Personal Information

The pullup app is designed to give riders identifying information about drivers and their vehicles, like their name, profile picture, vehicle model and licence plate number. Inaccurate or outdated information creates confusion and can diminish their experience with the platform.

What leads to deactivation? We may deactivate the account of a driver for activities such as: providing pullup with inaccurate information; allowing someone else to use his or her account; and taking a request using an unapproved vehicle.


Other Unacceptable Activities

To maintain the transparency and safety of the pullup platform for all users, activities conducted outside of the monitored system of the app—like anonymous exchanges—are prohibited.

What leads to deactivation? We may deactivate the account of a driver for activities such as: accepting illegal street hails while using the app; harming the pullup business or brand, like unauthorised use of pullup‘s trademark or other intellectual property, discouraging drivers from using the pullup platform, or otherwise violating the driver’s agreement with pullup; and soliciting payment outside the pullup system.


4. Discrimination

pullup’s mission is to connect riders to transport as reliable as running water, everywhere for everyone. We do not tolerate discrimination by drivers on our platform.

What leads to deactivation? It is unacceptable to discriminate against a driver based on characteristics like a person’s race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age or any other characteristic protected under applicable law. Actions like these may result in deactivation of a driver’s account.


5. Getting Back on After Deactivation

If your account has been deactivated, you are not permitted to register alternate accounts with pullup. If your account has been deactivated for quality reasons like low star ratings, you may have the opportunity to get back on if you’ve taken steps to improve.